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Power Play: Empowerment of the African American Student-Athlete

This book proposes two reforms to the present commercialization of NCAA Division I football and basketball and the exploitation of African American student-athletes.

In this book, the author

—presents detailed data about revenue generation in college sports,

—presents compelling reasons on why student-athletes in the revenue sports of Division I football and basketball are exploited and why it happens most often to African American students,

—provides a real funding model for fair revenue distribution and compensation for Division I student-athletes in revenue sports,

—proposes real alternatives for elite student-athletes in all sports to achieve their professional goals and earn a degree without contributing to commercialization of college sports and exploitation of student-athletes,

—explains how some African American students are complicit in their own exploitation and how to stop this practice, and

—recommends ways that all student athletes can use their collective power and voice to implement changes.

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